Built On A Commitment To Quality

Precision Cryogenics Systems, Inc., has emerged as a leader in the cryogenic industry. With this commitment in mind, we consistently provide custom engineered products and services to a wide variety of clients nationally, as well as internationally in Europe, Japan, South America, Taiwan, Brazil, Korea and Australia.

Meeting the requirements of such a broad client list demands that we maintain a high degree of flexibility and versatility throughout our organization. Precision Cryogenic Systems is fully equipped and prepared to handle the manufacture of any custom engineered cryogenic product. Whether your particular project requires an individual unit or a large production run, you will find our flexible production process easily adapted to your situation.

Constant monitoring of the latest technological developments and research gives us the versatility to produce a full range of products including:

  • Liquid nitrogen dewars
  • Helium dewars
  • Super conducting magnet dewars
  • Infrared dewars
  • Telescope dewars
  • Cryostats and vacuum enclosures for Cryocoolers
  • Refrigerated dewars
  • Transfer lines
  • Miscellaneous products (see Products page)

Our ever expanding knowledge of advanced cryogenic systems enables us to routinely produce superconducting magnet, infrared telescope and refrigerated cryostats. Regardless of the size or complexity, all our products receive the same careful attention and high quality craftsmanship our clients have come to expect. Your next custom engineered cryogenic project should be designed with precision.




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