At Precision Cryogenic Systems, we pride ourselves in the superior products and services we offer to our clients. This pride begins with highly skilled, devoted individuals we employ. These employees are responsible for maintaining the high standards of quality our clients have come to expect. The many years of experience and technical ability of our machinists, fabricators and welders are unsurpassed. All Precision Cryogenics Systems' products are manufactured completely in the United States at our plant in Indianapolis.

We work with all types of materials including aluminum, fiberglass,copper, brass and stainless steel. Our shop is equipped with welders, lathes, mills, rolls, shears, vacuum testing equipment and all other tools and machinery needed to produce quality products.

Precision Cryogenic Systems offers the following services:

  • Design and fabrication of cryogenics equipment
  • Spectrometer leak testing and high vacuum fabrication
  • Custom Engineering
  • Production runs on orders of several units
  • Designs and manufacture of prototypes
  • Backing our quality workmanship is an extensive warranty. References, as to our quality of work, will be furnished on request. 


Precision Cryogenic Systems, Inc., the Seller, warrants that all apparatus, equipment, supplies and articles (hereinafter called goods) furnished hereunder shall be free from defects in material and workmanship. Said Warranty shall remain in effect as to each item of material and to each item assembled for a period of one (1) year after the date of original shipment by the Seller.

In the event that goods fail to perform satisfactorily as the result of defective material and/or workmanship, and is rejected by the Buyer, the Seller shall be notified by the Buyer, wither in writing or by telephone, as to the reason for such rejection and request disposition. Any unauthorized repairs to the goods by the Buyer shall render this Warranty invalid.

Should the Buyer be instructed to return the goods to the Seller for repair, the Buyer shall carefully package the goods to prevent damage in transit and make delivery F.O.B. Seller's plant.

 The Seller shall repair or replace all defective material and/or correct defective workmanship so to place the goods in first class condition without the expense to the Buyer. The repaired goods shall be returned to the Buyer, F.O.B. Seller's plant.

A new one (1) year Warranty will be placed only on material and workmanship done at the time of the repair. Material and workmanship included in that repair will have the existing Warranty in effect and will be determined by the Seller from the repair records.

This warranty does not cover damage to, misuse of, the goods, either by accident, negligence, or purpose by the Buyer.